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Yachting - Partnership between Yamaha Marine and Invictus Yacht

According to a 5-year agreement, the Yamaha outboard engines of the Invictus will now be directly assembled in the factory.

Yachting - Partnership between Yamaha Marine and Invictus Yacht

For Invictus Yacht, the future is more than ever about excellence, a strategy that has enabled the Cantieri Aschenez shipyard based in Catanzaro, in the extreme south of Italy, to establish itself, over the years, as a respected player in the market for luxury motor boats from 19 to 46 feet.

Employing nearly 100 people, Cantieri Aschenez has, over the last 20 years, developed the Invictus Yacht brand (around 300 hulls per year) by imagining and then growing a strong brand DNA, structured around a modern and distinctive design, signed Christian Grande - often plagiarized, by the way - and a beautiful quality of manufacture.

A manufacturing quality that benefits from an impressive production process due to its industrial organisation, and production halls of astonishing cleanliness, especially the composite workshop, which is not always the case generally.

In fine, an Invictus is a boat that stands out and is immediately recognisable on the water, characteristics that have attracted a clientele of aesthetes weary of the standardised offers of large series manufacturers.

Based on the observation that its customers wanted to go further in terms of outboard motorisations, the yard approached the Japanese motorist Yamaha Marine, in order to benefit from the expertise of a leading motorist in terms of technology and product offer.

The aim of this approach was to offer the best solutions combining engines, control systems and hulls, in order to provide the best possible driving experience for its customers, with the highest level of reliability.

At the heart of this strategy was the decision to assemble Yamaha outboard engines directly at the factory, at the worksite, and to deliver them ready for use via the network, a choice that guarantees an optimal level of quality in a context where engines and peripherals are increasingly complex.

An approach perfectly mastered by the engine manufacturer, Yamaha Marine having successfully implemented it over the last few months for its own brand of aluminium boats, Buster, and which now enables it to deliver its 1600 annual hulls, already motorised, all over Europe!

On the occasion of this partnership, Fabrice Lacoume, Yamaha Marine's Europe Director, declared on ActuNautique: "We are very pleased to enter into this exclusive long-term agreement with Invictus Yacht. Our mission as Yamaha is Kando: to provide our customers with exceptional value experiences thanks to the quality and top performance of our products. Together, with Invictus Yacht, we intend to take the next step by building packages and pushing the boundaries of marine development and engineering. Keeping in mind that our goal is to give each and every customer a high level of satisfaction and nautical excitement that will make their hearts beat faster".

For his part, Christian Grande is delighted to associate Yamaha with Invictus, as he explains: "We are talking about sporty and confident customers who want to be recognised in a "muscle-flexing" boat.

Marco Zuccola, Sales Director for Southern Europe at Invictus Yacht, adds to Grande's vision of the partnership with Yamaha: "We are very proud of the new commercial agreement with Yamaha Europe, linked to the direct supply of outboard engines that will equip Invictus products in the T range and the Capoforte collection. We see Yamaha as a partner of absolute reliability and prestige, with an extensive and well-organised service network and quality products. We are convinced that this partnership will lead to commercial success and meet the needs and wishes of our customers". 

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