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Bénéteau First 36, it's going to fly!

Racing-cruising? As we have often written, this category of yachts is often claimed by the shipyards, but in reality, few yachts deserve it.

A racing cruiser is light, with a hull designed for performance, it is stiff, it takes off in light airs, but also knows how to take its owners cruising thanks to its comfortable equipment.

The new Bénéteau First 36 ticks all these boxes...


Bénéteau First 36, ca va planer !
Bénéteau First 36, ca va planer !

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Sharp performance

First of all, the hull of the Beneteau First 36, designed by Sam Manuard, one of the great names in ocean racing, allows the boat to glide in the medium, from 12/13 knots of wind.

Fun in the medium is the prerogative of a very small number of sailboats, among the lightest, and in terms of weight, the First 36 does not weigh more than 5 tons when empty...

Manuard is notably the architect of minis 650, Class 40 and, at Bénéteau, Seascape, where the First 36 is built.

With a displacement/sail area ratio that is much more favorable than its predecessor, the First 36.7 (+21% upwind), the Bénéteau First 36 will offer first-class sensations.

Equipped with an aluminum mast and a cast-iron keel to rationalize costs, the First 36 is offered in two cockpit versions: a cruising version, with a table, and a Race version, which lacks one, as well as cockpit lockers in order to free up maximum space for maneuvering.

The most spacious interior in its class

The widening of the stern of modern sailboats leads to a significant gain in habitability and the First 36 naturally benefits from this effect with its three cabins, of good size and its chart table.

This yacht, designed to tease the buoys, has the same habitability as the cruising yachts of a decade ago. 

At night, the yacht has indirect lighting or a red one, perfect for night watch.

The interior is treated with a mix of light-colored woods and impeccably finished gelcoats that make the linings look like antiques.

With its aggressive pricing, spacious layout and sporty design, the Bénéteau First 36 will be a great success, so why miss out on cruising performance?

Bénéteau First 36, it's going to fly!
Bénéteau First 36, it's going to fly!
Bénéteau First 36, it's going to fly!

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