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Sport Fishing - The Beneteau Fishing Trophy 2022, a global digital fishing competition

Sport Fishing - The Beneteau Fishing Trophy 2022, a global digital fishing competition

The Bénéteau Fishing Trophy 2022 is a digital sea fishing competition, which will take place over three dates, from June 13 to July 17 and from July 20 to August 21 for the first two and from August 24 to September 30, 2022 for the third.

The first two rounds are open to all types of boats, regardless of their sailing area, while the last round, always international, is reserved for Bénéteau boat owners.

The principle of the first two rounds is simple: each participant can submit 5 catches, always done in no-kill, and the biggest specimen will win!

The list of species that can be caught is very extensive and mixes fish of comparable sizes from different fishing basins: Sea bass (wolf), speckled bass, striped bass, pollack, saithe, meagre, gilthead bream, gilthead bream, red bream, common sar, pageot, paddlefish, denti, amberjack and badèche, trevally, barracuda, bluefish, mahi mahi, cobia, drums, jacks (amberjack, blue runner, crevalle, big eye, horse eye and rainbow runner), king mackerel, needlefish, permit, pompano, seabream and finally the cubera snapper!

To submit your catch, nothing could be simpler, an application allows you to easily send the images and location of the catch on a server. It is a friendly way to share your favorite fishing spots.

However, an option allows the most discreet of fishermen not to share this sensitive information ... 

The third and final round will be reserved for Beneteau owners who will compete in a photographic competition designed to highlight the best catches.

Beautiful catches on beautiful boats, here are beautiful images in perspective!

Register now (more than 1000 registered by 10/06/2022)!

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