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BOOT Düsseldorf 2023 - is a cancellation of the show possible?

The autumn boat shows - Cannes, Southampton, Genoa, Monaco, La Rochelle.... - which have taken place since the beginning of September, have been the occasion for the launch of the 2022-2023 boating season, the first echoes of which are rather positive in terms of value, a little less so in terms of volume for small new boats.

In fact, the boating market is still enjoying a strong craze, driven by the launch of new powerboat and sailboat models, the increase in the range and size of units, and a second-hand boat market that is still very dynamic, where supply is sorely lacking, to such an extent that some recent models are currently being resold at the same price as new!

The order books and production schedules of the construction yards are almost full, with delivery times depending on the supply chain problems for some units.

In the end, boating appears to be, more than ever, a means of escape and refocusing on the family unit and friends, in a context where we travel less far, following the example of the evolution of a sector quite similar to ours, namely that of the motor homes and the fitted out van.

The price of energy in question

The boat shows were full, sometimes affected by unfavorable weather conditions, but the industry is concerned about the 2023 Boot in Düsseldorf, the world's largest indoor boat show, scheduled for the end of January, and eagerly awaited by the industry.

Will the Boot 2023 take place, or will it be cancelled again, as the last two editions were, due to the covid 19 pandemic?

The reason of this concern is not sanitary, and comes directly from the strong increase of the energy price, and thus of the heating costs of such an event: The BOOT mobilizes nearly 17 giant exhibition halls, in the middle of winter, which means a very high energy consumption, at the worst time of the year, and in a context of indispensable savings to be made.

The soaring price of energy in Germany is a cause for concern, and could have a major impact on the costs of the organizer, who without savings exemptions or specific subsidies, would undoubtedly have difficulties in balancing his budget.

We will come back to this subject in our next editions.

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