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Already 100 Lagoon 42 catamarans built in just 1 year of marketing

The Bordeaux CNB Lagoon boatyard has just set a new sales record. Its 100th Lagoon 42, a model launched barely a year ago has gone fresh out of the production line!!

Already 100 Lagoon 42 catamarans built in just 1 year of marketing
Already 100 Lagoon 42 catamarans built in just 1 year of marketing
Already 100 Lagoon 42 catamarans built in just 1 year of marketing

The dynamic continues for the world leader for recreational catamarans, French Lagoon (Groupe Bénéteau) driven by new products favored by the market. As an example, we shall take the new Lagoon 42, a model situated in the middle of the range and presented only a year ago at the Boot of Düsseldorf in 2016.

This well-born model, replacing the Lagoon 421 is an illustration in 40 feet of the concept imagined on the Lagoon 39 and Lagoon 52, with a mast moved to the rear (self-tacking jib, possibility of a code 0), a new deck plan facilitating the onboard circulation, and a great deal of work done in terms of optimization of weights.

Signed by the naval architecture firm VPLP, the Lagoon 42 owes its unique style of attractive timeless elegance that became the highlights of the presentation to French designer, Patrick Le Quément.

Moreover, it is equipped of unescapable details, such as the upper curves of the bow, or the "suspended" cockpit bulkhead line above the windows.

With its cockpit without any steps going to the center of the boat and barely two steps to access the sea, the Lagoon clearly “shows its flag”, privileging first and foremost the comfort and ease of life onboard, all of that facilitated by a well-positioned helm, installed against the larboard cockpit bulkhead, a concept gathering all controls in a very ergonomically fashion (only 2 winches, cluster of clean feed circuits, self-tacking jib, access to bulkhead and to the boom by a staircase, also to sunbathing area), and allowing the skipper to share the life of the cockpit! A helm station at the entrance (at the rear or lateral), turns this boat into a simple catamaran easy to maneuver for daily navigation.

Available in different versions with 3 or 4 cabins (with large sleeping areas, which is not so common on a 42’!), the Lagoon 42 distinguishes itself with a unique interior design by the Italian stylist, Massimo Gino, (of Nauta Design), who has clearly drawn his inspiration in the organic architecture to imagine furniture with soft curves, preferring noble woods, merely to offer a space to live harmoniously.

All these characteristics could have negatively affected the weight of the boat and its performances with full upwind sailing capability! Well it did not, since the yard has led a work project aiming to a rigorous optimization of the weights, with a lightweight displacement of 12 tons according to EC standard, a weight certified by this standardization to which the boatyards unfortunately do not always reference in their commercial documentation... not contractual!

In short, a Lagoon 42 is a quite efficient yachting catamaran that has incidentally been filmed surfing at 16 knots in the Caribbean!

It should be noted in this area that the editorial staff of Yachting Art was impressed by the good performance and maneuverability of this model by ... low wind; a performance made possible by this good control of the weight ratios.

These characteristics have enabled the Lagoon 42 to collection international awards in recent months:

"Best Sail Catamaran" at the Asia Boating Awards (April 2016), "Best Multihull of the Year" for Sailing Today (Sept 2016), "Best Multihull Cruise Boat from 40 to 50 feet" for SAIL Magazine (Nov 2016) and "Best Boat of the Year" in the under 50 feet category for Cruising World.

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