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Test: Barracuda 7, a New Reference on the Market of Sport Fishing Boats

After its launch in 2013 and 5 years of success with the boaters, the Barracuda 7 unveiled several important improvements at the Düsseldorf Boot 2017. We tested them at the last Barracuda Tour, in Crouesty (Brittany - France)!

Test: Barracuda 7, a New Reference on the Market of Sport Fishing Boats

A totally new model inspired by the Barracuda 8

These improvements consist of a new hull, characterized by a very fine water inlet, and revised downwards dimensions (width of 2.53 meters against 2.72 meters before) to make it transportable on a trailer. Finally, it is available in three-door version, including a sliding rear French window.

A rear cockpit designed for fishing

The Barracuda 7 is now equipped with a sliding fishing station at the rear. The two front seats are removable in order to have as much space as possible during fishing trips.

The cockpit is equipped, as an option, with two side lateral benches and an additional sliding bench that makes it possible to have a large square in the back. Many fish containers and fish tanks are also available as an option, including for the Essential Fishing, Cruising and Fishing Edition Barracuda Tour packages.

A practical wheelhouse for everyday use

In the wheelhouse, there is a piece of furniture at the rear that conceals a sink and a chest and that, covered with a cushion, turns into an extra seat. Thanks to the two swiveling front seats, one can install a space in the center of the wheelhouse with a small round table sliding on a stainless-steel mast.

Visibility from the dashboard is excellent (360 ° visibility) thanks to the large wheelhouse windows that offer a panoramic view. The front cabin is accessible from a small door on the left of the wheelhouse. Optional marine toilets with holding tank system are no longer partitioned but installed under an extension that forms the bedding area. Objectively, this cabin will mainly serve to store material, and the relatively small amount of bedding could largely be replaced by storage boxes more suited to this model.

An excellent sea passage 

Tried in fishing action as part of the Barracuda Tour, the Barracuda 7 has proved particularly well adapted to its navigation program: good passage of the waves without hitting the water too much (an exploit considering the volume located on the front of the boat), and a good structural rigidity (a point we had already noted on the Antares 7 and Antares 8) with only a few annoying noises of resonance.

Note: a good stability when stopped particularly appreciated by the fisherman. One is at light years of the fishing-trip of yesteryear with this dare devil of a fishing boat...

On the performance side, the Barracuda 7 reaches a maximum speed of 34.7 knots when it is motorized in 200 HP, for an average consumption of 26.6 liters per hour at a cruising speed of 18.4 knots. Price (without engine) is 29,280 euros (two-door version) or 30,840 euros (three-door version), which positions it well on the market.

Bénéteau Baracuda 7 Technical sheet: Width: 2.53 meters Overall length: 7.48 meters Maximum power: 200 HP Weight: 1872 kg Fuel tank: 200 liters 2 years warranty Maximum speed: 34.7 knots

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