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The Seakart 335, a Semi-Rigid, Maxi-Fun Mini!

The Seakart 335 is a hybrid between a semi-rigid and a watercraft 3.50-meter model; its very good performances and its reactivity in piloting make it a real nautical toy

The Seakart 335, a Semi-Rigid, Maxi-Fun Mini!

Its piloting is very playful; the 335 is fast, responsive and very handy. It is destined above all to navigations in calm time and is perfectly suited for boating with families and friends!

Up to 5 people can board the 335; three at the back, placed around the central cockpit, and two people at the front.

The engine is located under the pilot's seat and is equipped under the steering wheel with a pallet accelerator. It also has a digital dial tachometer, and two mirrors which gives a car feeling to this small, semi-rigid boat.

Powered by a 110 HP turbine engine (standard equipment), the Seakart 335 can reach a maximum speed of 40 knots, or 50 knots with the 180 HP (optional equipment), that is between 70 and 100 km/h.

Technical Sheet of the Seakart 335:

   - Price (France): 34,200 euros (including VAT, with 110 HP Yamaha)
   - Overall Length: 3.50 meters
   - Width: 2 meters
   - Weight: 450 kg
   - Homologation: Category C / 5 people
   - Fuel tank: 63 liters
   - Manufacturer: KGTex (Mauritius)
   - Distributor: Deckside Yachts (06)

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