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Innovation - Golden Completely Redesigns Its Kayak Launch

Many paddlers find the act of getting into and out of a kayak nerve-racking, especially with onlookers. Even the most stable solo or tandem boat will wobble and slip. With Golden Boat Lifts' completely redesigned Kayak Launch, it's now easy to launch and recover with safety and confidence in less than 90 seconds, even from high docks and seawalls and areas with tidal fluctuation!! Let's discover this innovation on Yachting Art !!

How to use the Golden Kayak Launch? 

The kayak or canoe is slid onto the twin bunks and lowered into the water using the crank. Paddlers descend the stair tread ladder and enter the boat, using the grab rail on the opposite side to steady themselves. The launch's stable platform minimizes the awkward movement common with boarding. Boaters then slide their vessels out into the open water. Upon return, the steps are simply reversed.

The Golden Kayak Launch seems to be built to last.

It's so sturdy, it's a common amenity at condominiums and public use areas. Engineered to support kayaks and canoes up to 113kg, it's now made with fully-welded square marine-grade aluminum tubing and receiver pockets for maximum rigidity and strength. Nylatron rollers and a stainless steel brake winch and cable were added to ensure moving parts will operate smoothly for years to come with very little maintenance.

Installation of the Golden Kayak Launch is simple and straightforward. It can be mounted to wood and metal docks, and concrete or stone with professional advice.

The Golden Kayak Launch is available in five- and seven-step ladder models, with 1.2m or 1.8m travel distances. The bunks are fully adjustable for a custom or common fit, depending on the application.

Kayaks and Canoes Lift by Golden Boat Lift
Kayaks and Canoes Lift bu Golden Boat Lift


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