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Yachting - Seavy 11, the Canada Dry of powercats 

In Canet en Roussillon (France), the very young company A Sea Venture unveils the first 3D images of a power catamaran, 11m long, the Seavy 11. A concept that reminds us of the 40 Open Sunreef Power that launched the genre....

Yachting - Seavy 11, the Canada Dry of powercats 

The market for open power catamarans under 50 feet is still in its infancy, and apart from the Chinese Aquila, which has managed to create a comfortable niche for itself across the Atlantic with its Aquila 32 and Aquila 36, the market is waiting for the arrival of major players to develop.

In this respect, the arrival of the Bénéteau Group with its Four Winns brand, in the near future, will undoubtedly be a strong signal for a powerboat segment that is just waiting to develop.

In the yachting field, it is Sunreef Yachts, the world leader in the semi-custom luxury catamaran market, which created the market, by imagining, in 2018, a 40-foot catamaran, open type, sporty, with a strong design and very high level performance (private video presentation of the 40 Open Sunreef Power here). A unit that left an unforgettable memory to the visitors of the Yachting Festival, by the extraordinary vocals of its two inboard Mercury Racing....

The launch of a new player on this market was therefore inevitable, as supply creates demand in the world of boating and yachting.

However, we were disappointed when we saw the first visuals of the Seavy 11, as it seems to be a clone of the 40 Open Sunreef Power !!!! 

To show so little originality or innovation in a virgin market that has yet to be totally cleared seems to be a nonsense, unless the "Korean style" design strategy, such as the "Me Too" product, is the one chosen by A Sea Venture.

Behind the design of the Seavy 11, a collective, led by François Pérus, who signed in his time the Slyder 47, a catamaran which, at its launch, raised eyebrows at Outremer Yachting, and who is known to be more inspired by his trimarans developed for Corsair or the Overboat, than for his Sunreef successor...

Yachting - Seavy 11, the Canada Dry of powercats 

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