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Merger in Italian luxury RIBs

Italian RIB manufacturers Sacs and Tecnorib have just announced their merger into a new entity, Sacs Technorib

Merger in Italian luxury RIBs

The Italian companies Sacs and Tecnorib (holder of the official license of the Pirelli and Pzero brands for inflatable boats), have decided to unite their destiny to form the new company which will be called, initially, Sacs Tecnorib Spa.

The objective of this industrial integration operation is to consolidate the strong growth recorded in recent years and to strengthen the presence of the brands in international markets.

The new player resulting from this merger, Sacs Tecnorib, is presented as one of the leaders in the world market of Maxi Ribs and one of the main players in the Italian nautical scene, with a turnover for the current year that should exceed 45 million euros.

Matteo Magni, president of the new company Sacs Tecnorib, and Giovanni De Bonis, managing director, express their satisfaction and enthusiasm for a transaction based on a long-standing mutual respect and on the conviction that the integration offers guarantees of both healthy and structured growth and continuity in terms of strategic vision.

"Our objective was to integrate the two companies in an industrial operation without external financial contribution", explains Matteo Magni, President of the new Sacs Tecnorib company: "The objective is to create operational synergies that consolidate the growth path individually undertaken by the two players, laying the foundations for them to seize new opportunities and challenges together".

"Sacs and TecnoRib will integrate their know-how, while maintaining their distinct and complementary product lines. Synergies will be realized in production sites, design and production processes, and research and development. The brands will remain distinct, as will the respective sales networks," said Giovanni De Bonis, CEO of Tecnorib.

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