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New for 2024 - Jeanneau unveils the Merry Fisher 895 Series 2

The 2023-2024 nautical season is an opportunity for Jeanneau to unveil the Merry Fisher 895 Series 2, a strategic weekender in the shipyard's offer, which is inspired in particular by the Merry Fisher 1295 to gain in functionality and accommodation on board.

New for 2024 - Jeanneau unveils the Merry Fisher 895 Series 2

In 2012, when it was launched, the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 855, predecessor of the 895, surprised the market by offering 2 double cabins on an 8m long unit, a specificity then taken up by the 2017 Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895, which was one of the yard's best sellers, with nearly 1,800 units produced.

In 2024, Jeanneau is capitalizing on this heritage, to offer a modernized design, in line with that of the Merry Fisher 1295 Fly, in particular the hull glazing, while offering new functionalities, with a foredeck saloon, with safe access , a large gangway door and a more modern coachroof line.

A whole new hull

The key word of the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Series 2, signed by the Centkowski & Denert firm and the shipyard's design office, is clearly versatility.

This weekender had in its specifications, like its two big brothers, a new hull (hull shape) allowing it to glide even faster and thus to sail flat from intermediate speeds.

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Series 2 is available with twin engines (up to 2 x 250hp), in order to offer maximum comfort in navigation and manoeuvrability. It also benefits from the latest Yamaha technologies in terms of electronics and controls, for a better riding experience: joystick, Helm Master EX...

An optimized deck layout

Like the Merry Fisher 1095 and 1295, the Merry Fisher 895 Serie 2 offers vast outdoor living spaces and new features: the large gangway door facilitates boarding from a quay or pontoon, and opens the cockpit to the sea for lovers of swimming or fishing at sea!

The U-shaped cockpit, equipped with a folding bench seat on the port side and a large optional cooler, is ideal for experiencing moments of escape.

We also find the new Merry Fisher signature on the foredeck of the boat, with the presence of a cockpit to guarantee safety and fluidity in all movements. Children can then sit down while being protected, while adults enjoy real integrated deck chairs, or vice versa!

Comfort on board

In terms of functionality and interior design, the shipyard announces that it has worked on a soft and harmonious atmosphere, giving pride of place to gray walnut woodwork, Corian kitchen cladding and contemporary upholstery.

The large bay windows as well as the hull and deck windows aim to diffuse maximum natural light. The kitchen would be equipped with multiple appliances and plenty of storage. Note, a rotating pilot seat in the living room and a mini bar in the extension of the kitchen

On the night side, the 2 closed cabins and the bathroom should make it possible to envisage beautiful cruises.

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Serie2 will be exhibited in Cannes, La Rochelle and Barcelona.

New for 2024 - Jeanneau unveils the Merry Fisher 895 Series 2

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Serie 2 Technical Data

  • Overall length 8.42 m - 27’7”
  • Overall length with options 9.40 m - 30’10”
  • Hull length 7.98 m - 26’2’’
  • Maximum beam 3.00 m - 9’10”
  • Weight without engine 3,680 kg - 8,111 lbs
  • Fuel capacity 2 x 300 L - 2x79 US gal
  • Draft hull 0.68 m - 2’3”
  • CE certification (pending) B - 6 / C-10
  • Cabins 2
  • Sleeps 4 / 6
  • Maximum motorization (in progress) 2x250 CV / 2x185 kw
  • Architects Jeanneau Design / Centkowski & Denert Design
New for 2024 - Jeanneau unveils the Merry Fisher 895 Series 2
New for 2024 - Jeanneau unveils the Merry Fisher 895 Series 2

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