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Interview - presentation of the International Multihull Boat Show 2017

From April 19-23, the 2017 edition of the International Multihull Boat Show will take place in La Grande Motte, South of France.

Interview - presentation of the International Multihull Boat Show 2017

Yachting Art Magazin has met Philippe Michel and Frédéric Morvant, organisers of the International Multihull Boat Show, for an exclusive presentation.

This 2017 edition offers a wide range of new products. The list of boats being presented for the first time in the world is impressive. How does the Multihull Boat Show finds its position among other international Boat Shows like the Nautic Paris, and Boot Düsseldorf ?

Philippe Michel  & Frédéric Morvant - Europe is a reference in the area of multihull boat building, and the International Multihull Boat Show aims to be the world’s leading catamaran and trimaran show, whether we are looking at motorised or sail versions.  Its main goal is to welcome as many people as possible, builders, architects, designers, suppliers, chandlers, sailmakers, and all the various services associated with multihulls and to satisfy the requirements of visitors, who often come from a long way away to confirm the choices they have started to make at thewinter shows, like here at the Bootin Düsseldorf or at the Nautic Show in Paris.

How many multihull boat will be presented on this 2017 edition ?

Philippe Michel  & Frédéric Morvant - More than 60 boats will be presented in La Grande Motte !! This year has exceeded our wildest hopes  ! Boat builders have understood what has been going on and this year once again, we will be presenting many new products. To name just a few... Catana 53, Lagoon 42, Fountaine Pajot New 47, Fountaine Pajot MY 44, Neel 51, Leopard 45, Swiss Catamaran S48, Bañuls 60 , the new Alibi, Solar Wave, Futura 49, Bali 5.2, but the big success at this show is that the major yards - Lagoon, Leopard, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech and Privilège - are displaying most of their ranges.

In 2017, you have decided to put a special emphasis on charters firms...

Philippe Michel  & Frédéric Morvant -  Right !! To satisfy the requirements of the market, we are paying particular attention this yearto charter firms, which are excellent ambassadors for this type of boat; the charter market continues to expand and multihulls contribute a lot to this growth. We also need to stress the site itself at La Grande-Motte, and the work done by the teams there since the first edition in 2011. It is quite an achievement to bring together so many multihulls in this Mediterranean port, and that has been a challenge in which we have been successful. Just a short distance from the International Airport in Montpellier, the seaside resort with its hotels, golf course, sea water spa, casino, beach restaurants..., fully satisfies the needs of exhibitors and visitors, a large number of whom (54%), come from distant places. If we look at what is on offer here, they will certainly have a lot to choose from.

As a conclusion, can we say the environment is positive for the multihull sector ? 

Philippe Michel  & Frédéric Morvant -  Multihull cruising is increasingly popular and you just have to go around the world to see the importance of catamarans and trimarans in marinas or at sea. The International Multihull Boat Show will once again this year offer the first look at many new products and innovations, which yards have kept secret until now...

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