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4 questions to Éric de Seynes, new president of Yamaha Motor Europe

4 questions to Éric de Seynes, new president of Yamaha Motor Europe

Éric de Seynes has just been appointed to the European presidency of Yamaha Motor Europe, a great first, since it is the first time that a "non- Japanese" accedes to this position at the Japanese manufacturer. He shares his first impressions with the readers of YachtingArt.com!

Éric de Seynes, does your appointment reflect an evolution of strategy at Yamaha Motor Europe?

Éric de Seynes  - This additional step demonstrates Yamaha's desire to become a global, more international group. My appointment as a COO two years ago was already part of that perspective. The confidence shown by the Group will enable us to set up a sustainable and sustained development policy in Europe, taking full measure of the future changes that coming in our business.

Do you think that Yamaha's approach will have similar echoes in other Japanese groups?

Éric de Seynes -  For 50 years, manufacturers have based their development on the reliability, innovation, and high technology of their products. The corporate culture was sometimes too self-centered. Today, we are working to develop the perceived value that our brand deserves, to further enhance the pleasure of using our models, the reality experienced by the customer. Our main concern should be each local market, each customer, and the real experience he/she lives with our product and brand. In this area, Europe is influencing the rest of the world, as its two- wheelers and auto markets are mature and customer expectations are what will influence the Asian and emerging markets; Yamaha understands this very well.

How do you intend to achieve this result?

Éric de Seynes - Directing a company or winning a race is the same challenge! First, you have to have the right products, build a team that understands and believes in the project and also make everyone responsible as well as recognized for what they bring to the overall dynamics. Finally, we must be permanently connected to our dealers, and our customers by practicing like them. This proximity allows us to nourish our vision of the future without depending on market studies that are sometimes smoky ... The human side and the desire to practice our products remains the heart of our business.

On a personal level, how do you live this new adventure?

Éric de Seynes – On a more personal note, I would say that it is both an honor and a great responsibility that the group has entrusted into me at the beginning of 2018. But more than that, Yamaha allows me to live my life and achieve a professional life that I had not even dreamed. I have never set limits to my professional goals because I have always believed in the recognition of work, commitment, involvement, respect for others, sincerity, development, creativity, sharing with dealers or customers, and especially the practice of our products with passion! Today, I would like to thank Yamaha for allowing me to always progress professionally in the respect of these values, without having to renounce myself. I am happy to serve this fantastic brand, this exemplary company, and those markets I love by leading Yamaha Motor Europe on many projects, new progress, and a radiation that I hope even greater while remaining simple, accessible to all, innovative, and by meeting the expectations of all.

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