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SCOOP - Bénéteau launches Antares 11

The Antares 11 is the largest model in the Vendée shipyard's range of outboard weekendenders!

The Antares 11 crowns a rich range of 4 outboard weekender boats, including the Antares 6, Antares 7, Antares 8 and Antares 9!

With this new model, Bénéteau shipyard offers a family unit of great comfort, combining volume on board (2 large and beautiful cabins according to our information) and double outboard motorization, a technological solution that is highly appreciated by boaters, both in Europe and North America, for reasons of ease and maintenance costs.

While the Antares 11 OB (outboard) is a major innovation, its launch makes it possible to fill a gap in Bénéteau's range, following the discontinuation this year of the Antares 30, launched about ten years ago, and of the Antares 11, which was discontinued four years ago, two fine units whose sales have fallen in recent years, due to their engine type (inboard diesel shaft line), which now corresponds more to trawler-type translation units.

It is no coincidence that the Bénéteau Swift Trawler 30 and Bénéteau Swift Trawler 35 have been very successful since their presentation... 

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