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Prestige 690 Limited Edition Swarovski

Prestige 690 Limited Edition Swarovski

These jewels that are the motoryachts built by Prestige are allied with the jewelry branch of the Austrian firm Swarovski.

While some co-branding operations may be smiling, others seem to be flowing, such as this collaboration between Prestige Yachts and Swarovski.

Prestige motoryachts are known for their high level of equipment and their vast possibilities of customization.

From the choice of wood and upholstery to the pure wool of the carpets, they skilfully blend a very luxurious atmosphere and irreproachable behavior at sea with the latest in marine technology, such as engines with swivel bases controlled by joystick or systems to help with berthing.

To push even further the degrees of customization, Prestige Yachts announces the creation of a special series: The Prestige 690 Swarovski.

The Prestige 690 is a large flybridge yacht, designed for family cruising. Its powerful motorization brings most of the Mediterranean ports within reach in a short night's sailing, just like a superyacht.

The flagship of the brand (which we tested here), a formidable machine, capable of playing in rough seas in supreme comfort, benefits here from a specific finish, including decorative panels enhanced with crystals from the famous Austrian brand.

These large Cristal Compound decorative panels consist of a glass backdrop with crystals embedded in it. 

Combined with the mirrors and the grey oak woodwork, the atmosphere at the end of the day would be particularly different, as the Swarovski panels take advantage of the boat's large glass surfaces to reflect the rays of the setting sun in a unique way...

Prestige 690 Limited Edition Swarovski

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