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Scoop - Sunreef Yachts launches a complete range of exploration catamarans

World leader in the luxury semi-custom catamaran market, a market it created just 20 years ago, the Polish shipyard Sunreef Yachts is unveiling a complete range of exploration catamarans, the Sunreef Explorer range!

Scoop - Sunreef Yachts launches a complete range of exploration catamarans

In just 20 years, the shipyard created in Gdansk by Frenchman Francis Lapp has achieved a real feat, namely to bring catamarans into the highly coveted yachting sector!

In fact, Sunreef Yachts is today the only shipyard in the world of multihulls that can compete with the big names in the yacht and superyacht market, whether they are Italian, Dutch or German!

To do so, Sunreef Yachts has developed over the years a complete range of sailboats and motoryachts in a semi-custom program, ranging from 50 feet to 50m in length, with a powerful and recognizable style!

These units, in their ECO (for Eco Responsible) version, incorporate unique technologies such as photovoltaic panels, electric motors, dry batteries and air conditioning, which allow the Sunreef brand to enter into the world of Eco Responsible yachting, with almost autonomous units that do not deny their level of luxury!

In parallel to its product offer, the Polish shipyard has acquired an incredible industrial tool - without doubt the most modern shipyard in the world of yachts and superyachts - integrating all the stages of the construction of a yacht, from the design office (150 people) to the interior design, including molds, composites, painting, mast manufacturing, carpentry....

The shipyard employs more than 2,000 people at two sites in Gdansk, and is still looking to increase its already saturated production capacity.

Sunreef Explorer: when the catamaran becomes an exploration yacht

This strong demand for the Polish luxury brand is expected to grow further, with the launch of a brand new range of exploration catamarans, with 5 models, ranging from 80 feet to 50m in length, and whose flagship would offer the living space of an 80-90m long superyacht!

Capitalizing on the brand's stylistic DNA, this range of exploration catamarans would offer a minimum 2-deck layout, making it possible to offer XXL-sized cabins.

Available in an ECO version, Sunreef's range of exploration catamarans would allow for long-distance sailing in the most remote seas, with an energy balance never before seen on this type of vessel.

We will come back to this new range in our next editions.

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