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05/03/2024 From Overblog

A giant factory for Chinese Highfield RIBs

Boating and rigid inflatable boats - Chinese semi-rigid boat builder Highfield, which specialises in aluminium...

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02/19/2024 From Overblog

BoatScopy HIGHFIELD SPORT 560 - 9 minute private tour

Highfield, the world leader in rigid inflatable aluminum-hulled boats, unveiled its latest model, the Highfield...

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11/19/2023 From Overblog

Highfield, Sweden's market leader in rigid-inflatable-boat market

Based in western Sweden, not far from Göteborg, Ironbrothers Performance is a successful pleasure boat distributor...

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06/14/2023 From Overblog

Success for the Highfield Europe 2023 Dealer Meeting in Norway

For the first time since 2019, Highfield, the world's leading manufacturer of rigid-inflatable aluminum-hulled...

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01/18/2023 From Overblog

An electric tender for Chinese Highfield RIBs

Boot 2023 will be the occasion for Highfield, the Chinese RIB manufacturer, to unveil a tender powered by an electric...

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07/20/2022 From Overblog

Eco Yachting News (D)  #2922 - Glastron, Incidence Group und Technique Voile, Highfield Boats

Die Kurznachrichten von Eco Yachting präsentieren jede Woche eine Auswahl an Wassersportnachrichten, die aus einigen...

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07/18/2022 From Overblog

Eco Yachting News #2922 - Glastron, Incidence Group and Technique Voile, Highfield Boats

Eco Yachting's News Briefs present, every week, a selection of nautical news, consisting of a few exclusive news...

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09/06/2020 From Overblog

Highfield France y Honda junto con el Gran Premio Brest Multi50 2020

El fabricante de embarcaciones semirrígidas Highfield, a través de su importador francés Highfield France, y el...

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08/06/2020 From Overblog

48 RIBs Highfield-Honda para la flota de barcos de seguridad Vendee Globe 2020

La edición 2020 de la Vendée Globe, el Everest de la Vela está entrando en su recta final. Su flotilla de barcos...

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08/06/2020 From Overblog

48 Highfield-Honda-RIBs Boote für die Vendee Globe 2020 Sicherheitsbootflotte

Die Ausgabe 2020 des Vendée Globe, des Everest of Sailing, geht in die letzte Runde. Seine Flottille aus Ribs Sicherheitsbooten,...

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