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A trip Around the World Passing Through the 3 Capes Aboard a Lagoon 400 Catamaran

For Chemins d'Océans, Bénéteau-Lagoon's dealer in the South and West of France, the brand's catamarans are long-distance voyage boats par excellence.

A trip Around the World Passing Through the 3 Capes Aboard a Lagoon 400 Catamaran

To demonstrate it, the company decided to embark on an extraordinary adventure: a world tour passing through the 3 capes, and nonstop!!

For this extraordinary adventure, the Chemins d'Océans dealership, directed by Jean-Pierre Fréry decided to acquire the very latest Lagoon 400 S2 product (No. 544), Cavok, a successful model replaced last fall with the Lagoon 39, and then by the very promising Lagoon 40.

A choice that Jean-Pierre Frery explains in Yachting Art Magazine: "It has been almost 20 years since I wanted to embark on such a challenge and discover how to go around the world passing through the 3 capes, like the biggest skippers, but without sporting issues. A real human adventure in fact, and for that, I wanted to do it aboard a series catamaran, a large diffusion boat that everyone knows, present on all seas of the world and available in most rental bases. I have long been scared someone would steal this idea, but this was not the case and the time has come now to finally leave!"

The start of this world tour should take place next September.

"We do not give a very precise weather window, but let';s consider leaving during the Grand Pavois of La Rochelle, "  says Jean-Pierre Frery. "This show would be a golden opportunity, maybe the week after the show, we do not know it yet; it will depend on the weather, because our goal is to leave the Bay of Biscay as soon as possible, our itinerary being the same as for the traditional Vendée Globe: Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Cape Horn our Grail to us all!!"

3 team-mates will take part in this world tour, for a unique human adventure.

"We will be 3 friends aboard our Lagoon 400, the ideal number to organize shifts, 2 hours of watch, 4 hours of rest, and in case of strong winds, it's easy to intervene with 3 men on a catamaran," explains Jean-Pierre Fréry who concludes: "For this trip around the world, the logistical aspect is very important, especially for food. For example, one can picture that skippers leaving for the Vendée Globe have 80 days of food. We are half as fast, and 3 times more! As a result, we will leave with 450 days of food, which will occupy an entire cabin and includes 80% freeze-dried food and prepared meals!!"

It will probably not be too much for an adventure that should last from 140 to 150 days.

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