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Jeanneau - 400 motorboats sold in 2022 in the United States

Between 2010 and 2022, the Vendée shipyard Jeanneau went from zero sales of motor boats in the United States, to nearly 400!

Jeanneau - 400 motorboats sold in 2022 in the United States

In 2012, American boaters knew the Jeanneau brand through its different families of sailboats, whether Sun Odyssey, Sun Fast or Jeanneau Yachts.

However, sailing being a niche market and Jeanneau one of the European leaders in motor boats, the manufacturer logically decided to implement an ambitious development strategy across the Atlantic, capitalizing on a product offer different from that of its local competitors and by adapting in particular the name of its European ranges.

Thus, do not expect to find a Cap Camarat in the United States: their name is Leader there (well, more pronounceable and rewarding on the other side of the Atlantic) in CC (central console) and WA (walkaround) versions.

Ditto for Merry Fisher, replaced by NC for New Concept, so rare are European-style speedboats in Boston, Miami or San Francisco! The NC US range therefore welcomes the Merry Fisher (NC Weekender), NC and Merry Fisher Sport (NC Sport)!

The only motor range to have the same name on both sides of the Atlantic: the DB range, for Day Boat.

It should be noted that Jeanneau has 35 dealers in the USA (dealers), and that the 400 sales made in 2022 position the French brand in the TOP 3 of its market segment.

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