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4 Boats Shown at the Yachting Festival for Fora Marine, Including the New RM 1370

The La Rochelle Shipyard Fora Marine, builder of the famous RM, came strong this year in Cannes. Maxime Védrenne; its sales manager explains why, and unveils the new RM 1370, new flagship of the brand.

Maxime Vedrenne, Sales Manager Fora Marine

Maxime Vedrenne, Sales Manager Fora Marine

Maxime Védrenne, as the years go by, the presence of Fora Marine is stronger on the Yachting Festival. This year, you are showing as many as 4 boats. Why such a presence?

Maxime Védrenne - Two years ago, we actually came with 1 boat, and last year with two; this year, we are exhibiting 4 RMs, that is our entire range except the 1070 blocked in the south of Italy. This presence in force is in fine the reflection of our strong development on the Mediterranean coast. Historically, we would mainly sell our boats with our twin-keel models for Atlantic navigation. Our offer of added parts on the boat, classic keel and lifting keel is boaters’ favourite for those sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, a fact that boosted our sales!

Every year, Fora Marine launches a new product. This year it is the RM 1370. Your new
flagship ...

Maxime Védrenne - The RM 1370 is a 45-feet, which fits perfectly to the Mediterranean market - the 40-45 feet - that is to say vessels having a large length of flotation, well adapted to a passage at sea less easy than in the Atlantic, due to shorter and crossed waves, but also of a weather characterized either by a lot of wind or by very little wind. The 1370 is signed by Marc Lombard. It picked up the characteristics of the MR family but is equipped with a new shell that has more volume on the front, to further improve its planning capabilities, and a redesigned rear, to offer a more practical cockpit. The mast is 80 cm higher than the old one, and the sail plan is much more efficient and swifter. The RM 1370 also incorporates an outside tip, which makes it possible to a CodeD or asymmetric spinnaker, the fittings have also been upgraded knowing that this boat is available as a twin-keel, mono-keel, and lifting keel.

What about the interior layout?

Maxime Védrenne - The interior design plan has been optimized and is even clearer, with 3 cabins or 2 cabins plus the technical room, a very demanded configuration by our customers. Regarding the style, we have capitalized on an RM style, with a slanting roof that improves visibility to 180° from the center of the boat.

What is the reception for this new RM 1370?

Maxime Védrenne - The RM received an excellent reception, with nearly 5 already sold, 4 in France, one in the Mediterranean and one in in the USA! The RM 1370 meets an excellent start much better than the 1360, and the month of September should be very active for us!

4 Boats Shown at the Yachting Festival for Fora Marine, Including the New RM 1370

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