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Excess Catamarans - the Excess Lab is open, to discuss the brand's future catamarans

Excess Catamarans is a disruptive brand on the pleasure catamaran market, particularly in its relationship with its customers and prospects: through its Excess Lab, it wishes to exchange with them, in order to refine its product offer. An original and welcome approach. 

The Excess Lab is now opened!!

The Excess Lab is now opened!!

Digital technology has not finished changing the way brands relate to their customers, and Excess Catamarans, the latest Bénéteau Group brand, positioned on the leisure catamaran market, is counting on it to make a difference in this field.

To this end, Excess Catamarans has set up an internet platform, allowing anyone to create an account, whether they are already a customer of the brand, a prospect or simply a lover of leisure catamarans, in order to be able to discuss with the development team.

In short, an interaction downstream of the development projects, in order to make sure that the Excess Catamarans product offer corresponds as well as possible to the expectations of its existing and potential customers.

Through this platform, it is possible to discover the features that the shipyard's teams are working on, and to participate in the selection process of the options that will be presented on the next Excess catamarans.

Currently on the Excess Lab program, a question that is still being discussed on the pontoons: self-tacking jib or overlapping genoa?

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