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Scoop - HanseYachts enters the outboard market with a 7th brand

The German group HanseYachts (Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Privilege, Fjord, Sealine) has decided to enter a market where it was absent until now, that of outboard boats from 24 to 39 feet - through a brand new brand!

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Scoop - HanseYachts enters the outboard market with a 7th brand

The German HanseYachts Group will enrich its brand portfolio with a seventh brand dedicated to outboard boats!

Until now, HanseYachts was present on the monohull sailing market with the brands Hanse, Dehler and Moody, on the multihull market with Privilège Marine, on the open inboard motorboat market with Fjord and on the flybridge boat market with Sealine.

This offer, remarkably positioned, i.e. without any overlapping product offer, suffered however from a surprising weakness: the absence of any outboard range, a segment which is however the most dynamic in the world today, an absence highlighted in our ActuNautique Yachting Art article of last March 29 (what is missing in the HanseYachts group offer).

The reason for this lack of outboard offer came from the very history of the HanseYachts Group, constituted over the years by successive acquisitions and opportunities, often from shipyards in difficulty, which the group consolidated and then developed.

The strong development of the group in recent months - which did not close its production plants during the covid crisis, allowing it to gain significant market share - has resulted in astonishing figures: an order book of 230 million euros, for nearly 1,000 boats ordered, a level never before reached by HanseYachts, and all the more notable because the group was previously absent from the most dynamic market of the yachting industry: outboard boats.

In 2007-2008, before the great boating crisis, HanseYachts sold 940 units.

This seventh boat brand - whose name has not yet been revealed - will include outboard boats from 24 to 39 feet, will contribute to the growth of the shipyard's business, and will require additional production capacity.

To this end, HanseYachts has acquired a 27,000m2 land reserve adjacent to its Polish production site in Goleniow. This land reserve will allow HanseYachts to build additional production capacity, increasing the production capacity of the site by 40%, or 250 boats per year.

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