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Winner of the NINA Awards 2019, TEMO will be presented at the Nautic Paris 2019

Alexandre Seux is the 2019 winner of the NINA Awards (Nautisme Innovation Numérique Atlantique) with TEMO, the first electric outboard engine, specially designed for boat tenders.

Winner of the NINA Awards 2019, TEMO will be presented at the Nautic Paris 2019

Winner of the NINA Awards 2019, the Temo innovation will be presented at the Nautic de Paris 2019 TEMO replaces trains, internal combustion or electric engines; quiet, light and clean, it will reach the French market in 2020. 

"It was the first time I presented my idea to professionals and I went there to win. The jury's crush on Temo then opened doors for me by triggering contacts and connections that I would not have had without this step. The pre-orders registered at the Crouesty show in October are encouraging indicators for the future. We should already exceed our production targets in 2020. In concrete terms, this confirms that my idea made sense and that its scope is not only national," explains Alexandre Seux. 

After 8 years in the boating industry, Alexandre Seux, inspired by the evolution of urban mobility, had the idea of transposing electroportability to the world of pleasure boating, and more particularly to the world of small power propulsion. 

With its disruptive design and innovative ergonomics, Temo technology combines the lightness of the train set with the power of an engine to offer tender users a whole new level of navigation comfort. 

About twenty pre-orders have already been registered at the Mille Sabords show at Crouesty last October, and a demonstration of the Temo will be offered on the Nautic 2019, on December 10. 

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