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06/08/2023 From Overblog

Great white shark devoured by a mysterious super-predator at a depth of 1,900 feet

When we think of super-predators in the ocean, we usually think of the great white shark, or the killer whale....

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06/07/2023 From Overblog

Why the Ouistreham lighthouse has been the most famous French lighthouse in the world for 90 years

In the pantheon of French lighthouses (the PPF), the most famous in the world is not Eckmühl, Cordouan, Sanguinaires...

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06/03/2023 From Overblog

Yacht Christina (Christina O): a warship turned into the most luxurious yacht of its time

Before she became one of the world's most famous mega-yachts, the Yacht Christina was a frigate built by Canadian...

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05/15/2023 From Overblog

Death of Olivier Poncin, a major yachting industrialist and president of Catana Group

Olivier Poncin, a French industrialist and entrepreneur in the boating and yachting industry, died on Sunday, May...

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05/10/2023 From Overblog

Toyota, a manufacturer of pleasure boats, unknown in Europe

Boats, boating and yachting - The car manufacturer Toyota is present in sectors that are totally ignored outside...

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05/09/2023 From Overblog

Interpreting the fine variations of a barometer

On board sailing ships, there was always an elegant brass dial permanently fixed on the mast bulkhead. Beyond its...

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05/07/2023 From Overblog

Bellmarine Sailmaster, powerful and robust electric saildrives

Bell Marine is the industrial specialist in electric motors, with parallel coupling systems (PTO) marketed by Transfluid,...

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05/05/2023 From Overblog

Groupe Bénéteau refocuses on boating and yachting

Nautical and yachting - Groupe Bénéteau, the world's number two in yachting, has announced that it has entered...

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05/04/2023 From Overblog

Pirate ships - Black Pearl, the most famous and the most... recent !

The Black Pearl is a fictional pirate ship.... that appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. In the...

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05/04/2023 From Overblog

Seasickness: why it happens and how to fight it

Seasickness or naupathy is a form of kinetosis (motion sickness), well known to sailors. Seasickness occurs when...

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