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Boating - Nextstage and Fountaine-Pajot Take Control of the Boat Rental Company Dream Yacht Charter

The private capital investment company Nextstage will invest more than 14 million euros in Dream Yacht Charter, Fountaine-Pajot on its side investing nearly 11 million euros.

Boating - Nextstage and Fountaine-Pajot Take Control of the Boat Rental Company Dream Yacht Charter

With this acquisition of a majority stake in Dream Yacht Charter (exclusive negotiations just started), both companies wish, in the long term, “to accompany Loïc Bonnet and his team at Dream Yacht Charter, the no. 2 worldwide in boat rentals pleasure”. The objective is to allow Dream Yacht Charter to strengthen its leading position on the leasing market of pleasure boats and to continue its development.

Dream Yacht Charter, the world's second largest pleasure boat rental company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Dream Yacht Charter (exclusive negotiations have just begun). The goal is to enable Dream Yacht Charter to strengthen its position as a world leader in the pleasure boat rental market and continue its development.

Dream Yacht Charter: The world's second largest yacht charter rental company in just 15 years!

Founded in 2001 by Loïc Bonnet with a first base of only 6 boats in the Seychelles, Dream Yacht Charter is today an undeniable French success in the world of pleasure boat rentals, facing the giant hitherto represented by Sunsail-Moorings.

Dream Yacht Charter is present in the main navigation areas of the globe and has a fleet of more than 850 boats located in the 47 bases managed by the group around the world.

So far, the Dream Yacht Charter group, headed by Loïc Bonnet, joined by Romuald Caillaud in 2012, managed to self-finance its development through internal growth (opening new bases, developing innovative offers) and through targeted acquisitions.

This ambitious strategy, coupled with significant structuring work, has enabled the group to achieve profitable and uninterrupted growth of 15 to 20% per year over the past ten years, with a turnover of nearly € 90m in 2016.

Boat rental: a very promising market

Today, boat rental solutions and innovative cabin cruises are responding to growing demand in the tourism market and the current strong on-demand economy. The boat rental market, which resists much better in times of economic downturn, is experiencing profound changes (development of collaborative rental, boat clubs etc.). The group Dream Yacht Charter is at the heart of this market transformation and will benefit from the tremendous growth opportunities associated with it.

Decrypting - NextStage and Fountaine-Pajot knew each other well, as the private investment company entered the capital of the world's second largest builder of recreational catamarans 1 year ago. By taking control of Dream Yacht Charter while maintaining its management team, Fountaine-Pajot secures a downstream outlet for its boat production comparable to the market of Sunsail-Moorings with the Leopard catamarans. The question is: will we be able to only rent Fountaine-Pajot boats in the bases Dream Yacht Charter in the future? And if so, is this a customer expectation?

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