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Bayliner - Launch of the new Trophy 20 and Trophy 22!

These two new Opens center console boats mark the great comeback of the Trophy range to the boating world, an iconic brand in the sport fishing industry. A launch that should only strengthen the positioning of the Bayliner brand as one of the world leaders in the 16 to 27-foot motorboat market.

Bayliner - Launch of the new Trophy 20 and Trophy 22!

The Trophy 20 and Trophy 22 from Bayliner are characterized by their ease of use and great versatility, with a neat look and beautiful finishes.

Produced from the hulls of the VR5 and VR6, these two new models are available in two versions: CX, for a family and sports programme with a cockpit bench seat with backrest, and CC, more oriented towards sport fishing, with two folding rear seats to provide a casting platform.

These two new Bayliner models, offered with a good quality/price ratio, are available with numerous options. 

Technical specifications of the Trophy 22 CC: Overall length: 6.88 m - Hull length: 6.84 m - Width: 2.59 m - Draft: 0.87 m - Weight (without/with standard engine): 1814 kg/2067 kg - Max. crew: 8 - Fuel capacity: 246 liters - Max. engine: 300 hp - CE category: C - Price: from 57,976 euros with 200 hp

Technical specifications of the Trophy 20 CX: Overall length: 6.22 m - Hull length: 6.18 m - Width: 2.43 m - Draft: 0.83 m - Weight (without/with standard engine): 1474 kg/1672 kg - Fuel capacity: 208 liters - Max engine: 200 hp - CE category: C - Price: from 52,094 euros with 175 hp

Deciphering - The Brunswick Group continues to develop its offer on the sport fishing market, with the objective of offering a complete range of boats, positioned in all market segments. While the Boston Whaler brand is the ultimate luxury open boat in this market, the Quicksilver brand is positioned in the cabin segment, which is very popular in cold climates, with its Pilothouses, a segment abandoned by the Bénéteau Group with the discontinuation of the Barracuda range. With the return of the Trophy, Bayliner is back through the front door in the open sport fishing market, but from the perspective of the best possible price/performance ratio. A great marketing approach, optimizing perfectly complementary brands...

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