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The Barracuda 8 of Bénéteau, a New Reference in Sport Fishing

Complementing a range already comprising the Barracuda 7 and Barracuda 9, the Barracuda 8 is innovating with many improvements designed to provide the best sport fishing experience possible.

The Barracuda 8 of Bénéteau, a New Reference in Sport Fishing
The Barracuda 8 of Bénéteau, a New Reference in Sport Fishing

The Barracuda 8 has been designed with the feedback of professionals of sport fishing, notably within the framework of the Barracuda Tour (bass no-kill fishing tournament).

With a very good marine behavior, this model borrowing the DNA of the Barracuda 7 and 9 is however distinguished by a hull equipped with the Air Step 2, a Bénéteau technology that by injecting air on the back of the boat boosts performance while reducing fuel consumption and also providing an excellent grip in the turns!

As for the transition to the sea, the Barracuda 8 is perfect: it also has a slim bow, an advantage that makes it able to crack the waves like no other. It can accommodate up to 8 passengers. With the vertical windscreen the pilot, well protected by the cap of the roof, has a very practical for navigation panoramic vision. The Barracuda 8 is available in two deck plan versions, one with 2 side doors and a bench seat at the aft of the cockpit, and the other with 2 side doors and a cockpit access door.

Slightly wider than the Barracuda 7, the Barracuda 8 displays a by 50 cm longer length of hull. The ergonomics of this model is optimized with more comfort in the wheelhouse and by the presence of a working space in the cockpit, an ideal feature for cleaning fish or preparing the lures.

The rear cockpit bench seat can be slid as an option to be positioned facing the sea.

The Barracuda 8 has more fish tanks than its predecessors, among them a tank with an oxygenator. The forward cockpit has also been optimized with removable seats to gain in deck space. A cabin in the front tip houses a supplementary bed and a toilet closet.

The freeboards are higher for more support and comfort not only in navigation, but also adrift and in fishing action. One of the versions of the Barracuda 8 is equipped with 6 rod holders. The rods can be placed either on the front, or on the transom.

It is possible to equip the Barracuda 8 with swim platforms, and a second cockpit control station with a booster of the electronics under the rear cap of the roof, a much-appreciated element for fishermen.

The standard range has 285 liters of fuel but can be extended to 400 liters. Its maximum speed is 39.5 knots with an engine of 2 x 150 HP for an average consumption of 50 liters per hour at a speed of 22 knots.

Bénéteau Barracuda 8 technical sheet:  Width: 2.82 meters Length: 8.03 meters Maximum power: 2 x 150 HP Weight: 2.75 tons Fuel tank: 280 liters (possibility to extend it to 400 liters) Cabins / Berths: 1/2

=> Le Bénéteau Barracuda 8, une nouvelle référence dans le sport fishing

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