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Sport fishing - partnership between Ukrainian Finval Boats and Yamaha Marine

According to this exclusive 5-year partnership, the boats built by the Ukrainian shipyard Finval Boats will all be equipped with Yamaha Marine outboard engines.

Sport fishing - partnership between Ukrainian Finval Boats and Yamaha Marine

Nautism - The news does not weaken in the field of outboard engines or more than ever, the period is for partnerships between engine manufacturers and leasure boat builders.

We have just learned of the signing of a partnership between Yamaha Marine Europe and the Ukrainian shipyard Finval Boats, a recognized specialist in aluminum sport fishing boats, especially bass boats, which builds nearly 200 units per year.

Founded by Igor Surdu in 2008 in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, Finval builds strong, lightweight aluminum fishing boats with top-of-the-line features, exceptional rough-water capabilities and a 10-year hull warranty.

Aimed at outdoor enthusiasts who love exploration and water sports, as well as fishing, Finval Boats were designed to meet the demands of sailing in the waters near the brand's headquarters, as Igor Surdu explains on ActuNautique: "In Ukraine, especially in the Dnieper basin, there are large reservoirs rich in fish. It is a favorite place for fishermen where it is very common to sail in two-meter waves. So our main goal is to create boats that allow fishermen to feel safe and comfortable, regardless of the weather. "

Finval Boats' current fleet includes ten models ranging from 15 to 22 feet in length across four product lines: the Rangy, Evo, Sport Angler and FishPro lines. Although they are intended for slightly different activities, they are all designed to inspire customer confidence by emphasizing seaworthiness, endurance and comfort. It's this approach that made the brand such a natural choice for Yamaha.

Because since its introduction in Europe in September 2020, Yamaha's VMAX SHO range of outboard engines has proven particularly relevant to Finval customers.

Available in 90, 115, 150 and 175 hp, Yamaha's VMAX SHO outboards excel on lightweight, high-performance boats such as the aluminum models in the Finval line.

Fabrice Lacoume, Director of Yamaha Motor Europe's Marine Division, explains, "Finval builds fast, sporty fishing boats that offer a superior level of luxury and comfort without neglecting strength and durability. At Yamaha Motor, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by offering new technological innovations to enhance the experience at sea. Finval's customers are our customers and we share the same philosophy. That's something we really appreciate at Yamaha. "

As a result of the agreement signed between the two companies, the Finval Boats fleet will benefit from a wide range of Yamaha-supplied, factory-fitted outboards.

The 60, 70 and 80 hp outboards from the Medium Power range will be a perfect fit for both the versatile Evo 475 and the extremely maneuverable Rangy 510. With tiller options ideal for trolling, users of these boats will now be able to enjoy more room on board, reduced weight, increased efficiency and unique control when fishing at low speeds.

At the top of the fleet, Yamaha's high-powered VMAX SHO outboards ranging from 90 hp to 200 hp will be a perfect match for the 505 FishPro, as well as Finval's trio of 5.5-meter boats in the Evo, Sport Angler and FishPro lines. In addition, Yamaha's V6 Premium outboard lineup is a perfect match for Finval's top-of-the-line 685 models, offered in Sport Angler and FishPro variations.

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