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Video - Yamaha Marine Innovates in Electric Marine Engines

As an engine manufacturer first and foremost, the Yamaha Group is investing heavily in electric engines, which will equip its motorcycles, bicycles, quads and pleasure boats in the future. With one objective: to be a world leader in this field too !

If until now Yamaha Marine has had low-powered electric outboard motors, mainly used as secondary engines for sport fishing, the Japanese group should surprise a lot in the coming months with much more powerful engines.

At the end of July, Yamaha Marine thus lifted a corner of the veil on the Harmo project, unveiled at the Mets 2016 and on which the company had since been very discreet, which consists of a complete electric propulsion and steering system dedicated to pleasure boats.

This revolutionary system was tested for the very first time on August 7 in Hokkaido, Japan, on the Otaru Canal, in a configuration including a dual engine.

Harmo: a complete motorization and steering system for electric boats

The Harmo technology consists of electric motors, controls and a joystick, and provides a unique, very simple and intuitive driving experience. 

From a technical point of view, Yamaha has designed a specific base, to be installed on the transom of the boat, like a stern-drive, integrating a propeller fixed to a directional (like a pod) nozzle, motorized by magnets. This innovative technological choice, would allow to benefit from a strong thrust, at low speed.  

Associated with Yamaha's joystick technology, Harmo would offer disconcerting comfort and ease of piloting, as the dual engine would provide exceptional maneuverability, especially in port maneuvers.

Focus on Europe

Yamaha's initial target market would be inland waterways, primarily in Europe, where environmental standards are the strictest in the world.

This market is indeed considerable, between navigation on canals, lakes and rivers in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Sweden and Great Britain.

It should be noted that Yamaha's Harmo project is part of the company's more global approach called "ART for Human Possibilities, Rethinking Solutions, Transforming Mobility".

This project is based on the other mobilities addressed by the Japanese motorization: bicycles, motorcycles, golf cars, quads, wheelchairs, drones.... 

Video - Yamaha Marine Innovates in Electric Marine Engines
Video - Yamaha Marine Innovates in Electric Marine Engines
Video - Yamaha Marine Innovates in Electric Marine Engines
Video - Yamaha Marine Innovates in Electric Marine Engines

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